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  • The cult of Columbine: how an obsession with school shooters led to a murder plot
    by Rachel Monroe on 20.8.2019 at 05:00

    How two lonely outsiders met online and discovered their passion – planning a massacre at a shopping mall. By Rachel MonroeIt was an extremely online romance, as many were in 2014: they followed each other on Tumblr, then they became Facebook friends, then they started chatting. James Gamble was 19, aimless and unemployed. Lindsay Souvannarath was 22, with a newly minted degree from a small liberal arts school in Iowa and vague plans to join the Peace Corps.Over the next seven weeks, Lindsay and James would come to feel that their meeting was part of some great cosmic plan. They were in similar places in their lives: young adults still living with their parents, socially awkward, virgins. They did not spend much time talking about the mundane building blocks of adulthood – school, family, work – in part because those parts of life had felt hostile to both of them for a long time. Instead, they discussed the other things they had in common – how they both walked stiffly and too fast; how as soon as they entered a room, other people could sense that something about them did not quite fit. How they could tell that strangers were afraid of them. How they had grown to like it, in a way, the perverse kind of power that came from being the kind of person everyone else wanted to stay away from. Continue reading... […]

  • Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live
    by Pam Radtke Russell in New Orleans on 20.8.2019 at 05:00

    From power cuts to infrastructure failure, the impact of climate change on US cities will be huge – but many are already innovating to adaptBetween record heat and rain, this summer’s weather patterns have indicated, once again, that the climate is changing.US cities, where more than 80% of the nation’s population lives, are disproportionately hit by these changes, not only because of their huge populations but because of their existing – often inadequate – infrastructure. Continue reading... […]

  • Carrie Lam calls for 'dialogue' with citizens to find 'way out for Hong Kong'
    by Verna Yu on 20.8.2019 at 04:59

    Territory’s leader says she will ‘immediately’ set up platform to tackle complaints against policeHong Kong’s embattled leader, Carrie Lam, has said she will “immediately” set up a platform for dialogue with citizens and tackle complaints against the police, after a weekend of peaceful protests that she hoped would be the start of a return to calm in the financial hub.“Work will start immediately to build a platform of dialogue,” Lam said. “We hope this dialogue can be built upon a basis of mutual understanding and respect to find a way out for Hong Kong.” Continue reading... […]

  • Alan Jones condemned after calling for Jacinda Ardern to be 'backhanded'
    by Eleanor Ainge Roy on 20.8.2019 at 04:41

    Fresh audio of Australian shock jock labelled ‘very dangerous’ and ‘appalling’ by women’s groups in New ZealandComments by Australian broadcaster Alan Jones that the New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern should be “backhanded” have been condemned as dangerously misogynistic by women’s groups in New Zealand.Last week Jones, a controversial radio host in Australia with a long history of making slurs against women in leadership roles, called Ardern a “clown” and said Australian PM Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down her throat” after she spoke at a regional leaders meeting about combating climate change. Continue reading... […]

  • NSW abortion bill delayed until September amid Liberal division
    by Michael McGowan on 20.8.2019 at 04:13

    A vote on the bill to decriminalise abortion had been expected this week but opponents have campaigned furiously against itOpponents of a bill to decriminalise abortion in New South Wales have successfully delayed a final vote on the legislation until next month.The parliament’s upper house is due to begin debating the reproductive healthcare reform bill on Tuesday, almost two weeks after it passed its first hurdle in the lower chamber. Continue reading... […]

  • World stocks rally as Trump steps up pressure on Fed to cut rates
    by Martin Farrer on 20.8.2019 at 04:13

    President tweets demand for 1% reduction and more QE as markets look to central banks to bolster global economyStock markets have been boosted by the growing prospect of more stimulus measures by central banks and governments across the world as Donald Trump heaped more pressure on the Federal Reserve to slash interest rates. Related: Warning signs for global economy: the countries spooking investors Continue reading... […]

  • Trump tweets image of enormous Trump Tower on Greenland
    by Lauren Gambino in Washington on 20.8.2019 at 02:57

    US president pledges ‘not to do this’ but residents of the icy island have hardly warmed to his interestDonald Trump may still want to purchase Greenland – but the US president has no plans to embellish the island’s coast with a Trump Tower.On Monday night, Trump tweeted an edited photo of a coastal town dotted with colorful homes – all dwarfed by a golden skyscraper bearing the US president’s name. Continue reading... […]

  • Jeffrey Epstein signed a will just two days before his death
    by Associated Press on 20.8.2019 at 02:47

    Court papers detail no beneficiaries for $577m estate, opening a potentially lengthy battle as victims seek justiceJeffrey Epstein signed a will just two days before he killed himself in jail, new court records show, opening a new legal front in what could be a lengthy battle over the disgraced financier’s fortune.Court papers filed last week in the US Virgin Islands list no details of beneficiaries but value the estate at more than $577m, including more than $56m in cash. Continue reading... […]

  • Vanuatu will host the next Pacific Islands Forum. We want to know if Australia really wants a seat at the table | Ralph Regenvanu
    by Ralph Regenvanu on 20.8.2019 at 00:31

    Scott Morrison should bring strong climate commitments to next year’s forum to avoid a repeat of this year’s summitLast week at the close of the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu I described the leaders’ discussions as frank and fierce. It is now well-known that the leaders debated the text of the Kainaki II Declaration for Urgent Climate Change Action Now for many hours. I do not want to comment on the tone of the debate, as many others have done that already.Instead, as incoming Pacific Islands Forum chair, Vanuatu has a message for Australia: we ask that Australia prepares well ahead of the next forum meeting in 2020 and comes to the table ready to make real, tangible commitments on climate change. Continue reading... […]

  • Canada manhunt fugitives recorded final video messages, family says
    by Australian Associated Press on 20.8.2019 at 00:30

    Mobile phone footage reportedly shows Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky saying goodbye and describing last wishes A mobile phone with a video shot by Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky could hold the key to why they embarked on a killing spree in Canada.The two teenagers suspected of killing Australian tourist Lucas Fowler, his US girlfriend Chynna Deese, and Canadian botanist Leonard Dyck, left a “last will and testament” video message, according to the Toronto Star. Continue reading... […]

  • Plans for anti-sex toilets in seaside town 'submitted in error'
    by PA Media on 19.8.2019 at 23:59

    Bridgend council says public toilets designed to deter sex and rough sleeping won’t be builtA council has said plans for public toilets in a seaside town – with design features to deter vandalism, rough sleeping and sexual activity – were submitted in “error”.Plans for the toilets in Porthcawl’s Griffin Park included weight-sensitive floors that would ensure only one user could be in a cubicle at a time to safeguard against “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism”. Any such behaviour would trigger alarms and water jets. Continue reading... […]

  • 'We have an obligation': Ilhan Omar calls on lawmakers to visit Israel
    by Lauren Gambino in Washington on 19.8.2019 at 22:57

    Rashida Tlaib and Omar called decision to block their entry an attempt ‘to suppress our ability to do our jobs’ in press conferenceThe Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar called on her colleagues to visit Israel to prevent Donald Trump and the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, “succeed in hiding the cruel reality of the occupation from us”.Omar’s comments came to in an emotional press conference on Monday, following Israel’s decision last week to deny her and the Michigan representative Rashida Tlaib entry to the country amid pressure from Donald Trump. Omar called Israel’s decision to block the planned official visit “nothing less than an attempt by an ally of the United States to suppress our ability to do our jobs as elected officials” and questioned the billions of dollars in US aid to the country. Continue reading... […]

  • Elton John defends Harry and Meghan over use of private jets
    by PA Media on 19.8.2019 at 22:43

    Singer reveals he paid for a flight for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son ArchieSir Elton John has defended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over their use of private jets, revealing that he had paid for a flight for them and their son Archie to “maintain a high level of much-needed protection”.The singer hit back at what he called “these relentless and untrue assassinations on their character”, after Prince Harry and Meghan faced mounting criticism for reportedly taking four private jet journeys in 11 days, rather than opting for commercial flights, despite speaking out on environmental issues. Buckingham Palace declined to comment. Continue reading... […]

  • El Salvador rape victim acquitted over stillbirth murder charge
    by Associated Press on 19.8.2019 at 22:42

    ‘Resounding victory for rights of women’ after retrial overturns conviction of Evelyn Beatriz HernandezA young rape victim who was suspected of having an abortion and charged with homicide after having a stillborn child has been acquitted by a judge at a retrial in a case that attracted international attention to El Salvador’s strict abortion laws.Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez, now 21, had served 33 months of a 30-year prison sentence when her conviction was overturned in February for lack of evidence and a new trial was ordered. Prosecutors had asked for a 40-year sentence. Continue reading... […]

  • EU unconvinced by Johnson's fresh bid to remove Brexit backstop
    by Rowena Mason, Rajeev Syal and Jennifer Rankin on 19.8.2019 at 20:48

    PM says new commitments to stop hard Irish border should be considered by the blocBoris Johnson has written to the EU suggesting the backstop could be replaced by some form of commitment to prevent a hard Irish border in his first major move to explain the UK government’s new position to Brussels.Ahead of talks with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, Johnson released a four-page letter setting out his position that the backstop is “anti-democratic and inconsistent with the sovereignty of the UK”, because it could keep the UK indefinitely in a customs union with no means of exit. Continue reading... […]

  • 'I am sorry for the harm I have caused': Elizabeth Warren at Native American forum – video
    on 19.8.2019 at 19:16

    The Democratic presidential candidate offered a public apology on Monday to Native Americans over her past claim to tribal heritage, directly tackling an area that has proved to be her biggest political liability. 'Like anyone who has been honest with themselves, I know I have made mistakes,' the Massachusetts senator said at the start of her appearance at the forum in this pivotal early voting stateUS politics live – latest updates  Continue reading... […]

  • Has the far right become mainstream in the UK?
    by Jamie Grierson Home affairs correspondent on 19.8.2019 at 18:11

    The heads of counter-terrorism policing and MI5 have warned far-right criminality is growingIn his paper on how the far right became part of the mainstream, the academic Joe Mulhall said far-right demonstrations had grown to sizes not seen since the 1930s.The “Free Tommy [Robinson]” event in August, the “Day of freedom” march in May and the “Brexit betrayal” demonstration in December all attracted large numbers of people. Continue reading... […]

  • What Greenlanders say about Trump's interest in their country – video report
    by Monika Cvorak on 19.8.2019 at 16:37

    Donald Trump confirmed on Sunday that he was considering an attempt to buy Greenland. His interest in the largely autonomous Danish territory was met with indignation in both Greenland and Denmark, with the Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, echoing the words of her Greenlandic counterpart, Kim Kielsen: ‘Greenland will not be sold.’Trump confirms he is considering attempt to buy GreenlandWhy does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland? Continue reading... […]

  • South Africa gets go-ahead to increase black rhino trophy hunting
    by Damian Carrington in Geneva on 19.8.2019 at 16:28

    Conservation groups split on impact of move agreed at international wildlife summitSouth Africa has won permission to almost double the number of black rhinos that can be killed as trophies after arguing the money raised will support conservation of the critically endangered species.The decision was made at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) after receiving support from some African nations and opposition from others. Continue reading... […]

  • With Kabul wedding attack, Isis aims to erode Taliban supremacy
    by Jason Burke on 19.8.2019 at 16:26

    As the US and Taliban negotiate peace, Isis sees a chance to sow fresh chaos in Afghanistan Even by the bloody standards of Afghanistan, it was a brutal attack: a suicide bomber at a wedding celebration, detonating his device as children danced and the happy couple completed their marriage rituals. In an instant more than 60 of the 1,000 guests were dead, hundreds injured.Few events are so joyous and optimistic as a wedding. So why would a terrorist group – even one as brutal as Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility – want to attack one? Continue reading... […]

  • Greek NGO helping child refugees wins $2m humanitarian prize
    by Helena Smith in Athens on 19.8.2019 at 15:50

    METAdrasi provides translators, transport and helps find homes for unaccompanied minorsAn NGO helping migrant and refugee children in Greece has won the world’s biggest annual humanitarian award.METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development received the $2m (£1.6m) Hilton humanitarian prize for its “innovative approach to welcoming refugees and protecting unaccompanied minors”, the Conrad N Hilton Foundation said. Continue reading... […]

  • sex, lies, and videotape at 30: how Steven Soderbergh changed independent cinema
    by Guy Lodge on 19.8.2019 at 14:52

    In 1989, the micro-budget drama took the industry by surprise and changed our concept of what an indie film could achieve“I’m still making movies about two people in a room,” Steven Soderbergh told Filmmaker magazine last year, suggesting his cinema hadn’t drifted all that far from the sparse setup of his 1989 debut feature, sex, lies and videotape. (So small and sparse, in fact, that the title dispensed with capital letters.) “It seems totally in line with most of the things I’ve done,” he continued. Related: The Abyss at 30: why James Cameron's sci-fi epic is really about love Continue reading... […]

  • Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?
    by Phillip Inman on 19.8.2019 at 13:56

    The US president’s talk of a ‘large real estate deal’ says a lot about his view of the world Greenland, and more specifically its purchase by the US, is being actively discussed in Donald Trump’s Oval Office. But what exactly is it that makes one of the world’s most desolate places such an attractive proposition?For the president, it is the real estate deal of a lifetime, one that would secure a land mass a quarter the size of the US and cement his place in US history alongside President Andrew Johnson, who bought Alaska from Russia in 1867, and Thomas Jefferson, who secured Louisiana from the French in 1803. Continue reading... […]

  • Wildfire in Gran Canaria forces thousands to evacuate – video
    on 19.8.2019 at 12:03

    About 8,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Gran Canaria as firefighters battle a wildfire. The blaze, which began on Saturday near the town of Tejeda, is advancing on several fronts, propelled by high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity. Sixteen planes and helicopters as well as more than 700 firefighters are working to contain flames of up to 50 metresGran Canaria wildfire triggers evacuation of thousands of people Continue reading... […]

  • This porridge is just right: homemade baby food that's big business in India | Amrita Gupta
    by Amrita Gupta on 19.8.2019 at 11:43

    Entrepreneurs are cooking up wholesome alternatives to sugary baby formulas in a country where only one baby in 10 gets the recommended nutritionWhen her baby was six months old, Dr Hemapriya Natesan found herself appalled by the sugary commercial baby food available. With her mother, she began to make batches of mullaikatiya sathumaavu, a traditional porridge for weaning infants in Tamil Nadu, southern India.It’s a painstaking 10-day process with more than 15 grains, lentils and nuts. Many of the ingredients are first sprouted, then sun-dried in the sweltering heat before being slow-roasted, ground and sieved. Continue reading... […]

  • Dutch take cycling to a new level, with world's biggest multistorey bike park
    by Senay Boztas in Amsterdam on 19.8.2019 at 10:52

    In the Netherlands, where there are more bikes than people, serious money is being spent encouraging even more people to get on their bikesIn a nation with more bikes than people, finding a space to park can be a problem. The Dutch city of Utrecht is unveiling an answer at its railway station on Monday morning: the world’s largest multistorey parking area for bicycles.The concrete-and-glass structure holds three floors of gleaming double-decker racks with space for 12,500 bikes, from cargo bikes that hold a family to public transport bikes for rent. Continue reading... […]

  • Brazil to open long-distance hiking trail in Atlantic forest – in pictures
    by Ian Cheibub/AFP/Getty Images on 19.8.2019 at 06:00

    Inspired by long-distance tracks such as Canada’s 15,000-mile Great Trail, a proposed 4,970-mile trans-Brazil hiking trail would provide a continuous coastal corridor from its southern border with Uruguay to its northern frontier with French Guiana Continue reading... […]

  • 'Men fear us': Kampala's market women unite against harassment
    by Alice McCool in Kampala on 19.8.2019 at 06:00

    Tired of suffering physical and verbal abuse at one of the Ugandan capital’s largest markets, female vendors are holding perpetrators to accountAll photography by Alice McCoolSome men are in the habit of touching women, says Nora Baguma, a vendor at Nakawa market, in Uganda’s capital Kampala. “We call them bayaye,” she says, sitting at her banana stall.“We give men punishment for this. I take men to the office if they cause problems. They can suspend that man for a week or a month,” Baguma explains. “It makes them stop. They fear us.” Continue reading... […]

  • Trump says he is looking at the idea of the US buying Greenland – video
    on 19.8.2019 at 05:04

    US president Trump speaks to the media in New Jersey about the US buying Greenland from Denmark for strategic reasons. 'It's just something we talked the concept came up... but it's not number one on the burner,' Mr Trump says. 'They're losing $700 million a year carrying it.' Continue reading... […]

  • End violence against female aid workers | Letter
    by Letters on 18.8.2019 at 16:46

    Rosalind Crowther of CARE International on the need to protect humanitariansAround the world, humanitarian aid workers operate in dangerous and difficult environments and here in South Sudan we know that many aid workers and peacekeepers have lost their lives while trying to protect and assist South Sudanese communities.Among them have been women who play a vital role in every aspect of crisis response, and particularly in preventing, responding to, and working with survivors of gender-based violence. Continue reading... […]

  • Hong Kong protesters express their demands as 1.7m gather in demonstrations – video
    on 18.8.2019 at 14:34

    Nearly 2 million Hongkongers flocked to a downtown park for a rally after two months of increasingly violent clashes that have prompted severe warnings from Beijing and failed to win concessions from the city’s government. Torrential rain came down an hour into the rally, turning the park into a sea of colourful umbrellas. Many began walking on the streets, despite the police ban on a march, as the park became overcrowdedHong Kong: hundreds of thousands join protest in pouring rain Continue reading... […]

  • Thousands left homeless after blaze destroys slum in Bangladesh – video
    on 18.8.2019 at 11:26

    A fire swept through a crowded slum in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, destroying thousands of shanty homes. No one was killed. Many residents had left their homes to celebrate Eid al-Adha with their families, and some of those left homeless took refuge in schools closed for the holiday• Bangladesh fire leaves 10,000 homeless Continue reading... […]

  • Praise for female aid workers rings hollow when harassment is pervasive
    by Dr Lina Abirafeh, Marcy Hersh, Erin Kenny and Mendy Marsh on 18.8.2019 at 08:00

    Aid agencies should be champions for gender equality – so why do female employees face violence and discrimination from men who see them as ‘too pretty for complex issues’?Is sexual harassment the most important issue facing female humanitarians? If you say yes, you are not alone. In a poll promoted on social media, 41% of respondents identified harassment as the top concern for female aid workers.Our survey results reinforce decades of research – evidence that has fallen on deaf ears and failed to spark concrete change. For women working in humanitarian settings, the greatest risks they face in responding to emergencies come from their very own employers. Continue reading... […]

  • The rain in Spain: how an ancient Arabic technique saves Alicante from floods
    by Stephen Burgen in Alicante on 15.8.2019 at 05:00

    To protect itself from destructive flooding, the city has built a park designed to store and recycle rainwater In Alicante it never rains but it pours. The city in southeast Spain goes without rain for months on end, but when it comes it’s torrential, bringing destructive and sometimes fatal flooding.Or at least, it used to. In San Juan, a low-lying area of the city, authorities have built a new park with a twist. Called La Marjal, it serves as a typical recreation area and a nature reserve – but its primary purpose is to store, and then recycle, rainwater. Continue reading... […]

  • Outcry as preschool sets up in former Nazi concentration camp
    by Aleks Eror on 14.8.2019 at 05:00

    Kindergarten to join other businesses operating inside Staro Sajmište, in Belgrade, Serbia, as long-planned Holocaust memorial remains unbuiltThe greying, box-like building that houses the Savsko Obdanište kindergarten has had many uses over the years.At one point it was a restaurant; when you step through the front doors you find yourself surrounded by musty, brown 1970s-style dining furniture. Continue reading... […]